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Lab Analysis Committee:

Lab Analysis Committee: The Laboratory Analysis Committee concentrates its efforts around four LAC meetings each year. The committee strives to provide educational opportunities with a focus on pertinent laboratory presentations and no cost contact hours. An additional benefit of these activities is valuable networking with lab personnel across the Southwest Section. The committee meets as needed to plan and coordinate these events. All of the SWOWEA committees are always looking for enthusiastic members to help. If you would like to participate on the Lab Analyst Committee or have suggestions for seminar topics and locations, please contact co-chairs Jim Davis at or Karen Tenore at

Join us for the next LAC meeting on November 1 hosted by YSI! Check out the flyer on the left side of the page for the full 2018 schedule.

The Ohio EPA is now including basic inspections of wastewater treatment plant laboratories with their Compliance Evaluation Inspections (CEIs). These are separate from the detailed lab audits conducted by Ohio EPA Division of Environmental Services and are intended to be an overview of laboratory practices. The intent is to identify "red flag" issues. These are problems with laboratory practices which may call into question the reliability and accuracy of data generated. The lab inspection process (General Lab criteria or GLC) uses a "broad strokes" approach and does not require inspectors to review details of analytical procedures. The intent is to help wastewater labs generate defensible data. Deficiencies discovered in initial inspections will not generally be treated as violations. For more details about the GLC visit the Ohio EPA website.

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Lab Analysis Committee Members include:

  • Craig Clements (City of Fairfield)
  • Jim Davis (Montgomery County) Co-Chair
  • Lori Kyle (Greene County)
  • Gregg Mitchell (City of Sidney)
  • Roger Rardain (City of Fairborn)
  • Teresa Shinkle (Greene County)
  • Rob Smith (YSI, Inc.)
  • Karen Tenore (City of Dayton) Co-Chair

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    Some photos from the 2010 Lab Analyst Committee meeting at Greene County.

    Greene County
    Greene County
    Greene County
    Greene County
    Greene County
    Greene County
    Greene County
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