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The Karl G. Voelkel Industry Award

The Karl G. Voelkel Industry Award is given to an industrial facility in the southwest section of the Ohio Water Environment Association for outstanding environmental achievement. The presentation of this award is in recognition of an industry's outstanding contribution in waste minimization, pollution prevention, environmental compliance and environmental stewardship. The purpose of the award is to provide a venue where southwest Ohio companies can be recognized for a job well done in improving the water environment in southwest Ohio.

The award

This award is given in the name of Dr. Karl G. Voelkel, Ph.D, P.E., (see Karl's photo below) to honor his many years of dedicated service as an OWEA member and chairman of the SWOWEA Industrial Wastes Committee. Dr. Voelkel was the Chairman of the Committee that originated the annual January Industrial Wastes Seminar back in 1987. Karl and the members of the SWOWEA Industrial Wastes Committee had discussed the idea of a SWOWEA Industry Award in the late 90?s.

Karl retired from the Chairmanship of the Committee in the late 90?s; Will Bryant and Ron McAdams then became the Co-Chairs of the Committee. Will and Ron (with the Committee Members? concurrence) developed the rules and the award plaque for a SWOWEA Industrial Award to recognize the environmental accomplishments of the industries in Southwestern Ohio. As a part of this effort, the Committee honored Karl by including his name on the award. In 2002, we gave our first award to Leonhardt Plating Company. In the photo of Karl below, he is holding that first award. Now retired after many years with LJB Inc. in Dayton, he is spending more time with his lovely wife Jean, plus visiting the children, and grandkids.

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The Award Criteria for Nominations

The award candidates must satisfy one or more of the seven criteria listed below, including:
  1. Having in-place practices and procedures that have reduced raw material requirements for it's manufacturing operations and/or the volume of wastewater discharged to the environment.
  2. Having in-place practices and procedures that have reduced pollutant loadings to the environment.
  3. Having initiated improvements and/or programs to improve characteristics of the waste discharge even though the facility was previously in full compliance with the requirements of its discharge permit.
  4. Having demonstrated a "good corporate citizen" attitude through the existence of outreach programs designed to increase environmental awareness.
  5. Having worked in a positive, constructive way with local governmental and regulatory agencies.
  6. Having made available to other industries information pertaining to its successful use of alternative processes and procedures designed to enhance the environment.
  7. Having implemented programs with environmental compliance that have greatly exceeded their cost of implementation.
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Please submit your nomination to the SWOWEA Executive Committee and/or the Industrial Pretreatment Committee by September 30th. The nominated industry must be from one of the 19 counties that make up the southwest section. SWOWEA membership is not required for nomination, and anyone in the southwest section can nominate a company for this award. The award presentation will be during the Annual SWOWEA Industrial Pretreatment Seminar in January. The award may not be given every year.

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Previous Award Winners

2017 - Standard Aero, Cincinnati
Standard Aero
2016 - Pacific Manufacturing of Ohio, Fairfield
2014 - Techmetals, Inc., Dayton
2013 - Wassau Paper, Middletown
2012 - AdvancePierre Foods, Cincinnati
2011 - Summit Finishing Technologies, Moraine
2010 - Hohman Plating & Mfg., Inc., Dayton
2009 - Sugar Creek Packing Co., Dayton
2008 - Rhodia Inc., Cincinnati
2007 - GE Engine Services, Fairfield
2006 - Cargill, Inc., Sidney
2005 - Honda of America Mfg., Inc., Marysville
2004 - Portion Pac Inc., Mason
2003 - Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Mason
2002 - Leonhardt Plating Company, Cincinnati